We are asking our fellow Massachusetts Residents and Vacation Property Owners to please help us vote DOWN this NEW bill which wants to add a 12% tax to Vacation Properties located in Massachusetts.  Please visit your local representatives and voice your opinion if you think this unfair.  This 12% Tax to Vacation Property Owners is going to put a huge burden on our rental costs, which in turn will force us to increase our rents to our guests.  If you agree that this NEW 12% MASS TAX to Vacation Property Owners is BAD for both us and our guests - let your local politicians know!  Thanks for your help!  Paul and Sandra Bonetti


Dear Sandra Bonetti,

Due to some recent, surprising developments, the lodging tax expansion to include vacation rental homes may come to fruition this summer after all. We encourage everyone to take action as soon as possible in hopes of preventing this law from being passed.

If MA Senate bill S2423 (see section 67) passes in its current form, all vacation rental homeowners would be required to collect the nearly 12% lodging tax from tenants and remit it to the State. Anyone who fails to comply could be subject to substantial penalties.

The House and Senate are now meeting in a conference committee to reconcile differences between their versions of the bill. The House is actively advocating against the language related to the lodging tax but the Senate is pushing for it. Legislative leaders have identified this major economic bill as a priority for the current legislative session, which ends on July 31.
We strongly urge you to write to your state senators and reps, along with two members of the conference committee, Rep. Brian Dempsey and Rep. Joseph Wagner . It's also important to write to House Speaker Robert DeLeo, as he has the final say before the bill goes to Governor Baker.

Feel free to use this sample letter: (View Word | View PDF)

More Info about the proposed tax bill.

Joan and Jeff Talmadge